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BC Heat Pump Rebates

Feb 22

Have you heard the buzz surrounding the shift to heat pumps from fossil-fuel burning space heating and cooling?

Well, there are a lot of advantages that come with this transition and we want you to know all about them!


Heat pumps have been around for almost 40 years, but unlike their predecessors, they are now quieter, more reliable, and operate in much broader conditions. As Registered Energy Advisors, our team at BC Energy Werx performs hundreds of home energy evaluations every week, giving them great insight into how the equipment performs and what real homeowners have to say about switching to a heat pump. Here are some of the biggest reasons to switch, including some benefits you may not be aware of, including BC heat pump rebates and the following reasons.

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Reason #1: They provide a better level of comfort Heat pumps can maintain full output down to temperatures as low as -25C and are better able to match the load for the rest of the year. They achieve this through inverter-driven compressors, which can ramp up and ramp down to provide the exact amount of heating or cooling needed at that moment. Traditional, single-stage furnaces only deliver a set output, regardless of what the house needs at that point in the day. This translates into inconsistent temperatures as the furnace kicks on and overheats the house before kicking out and letting the house get slightly below the desired temperature. Heat pumps can also provide air conditioning in the summer, which is crucial in shoulder season months in green-grass climates when there may not be a large differential in temperature, but humidity levels remain high. Heat pumps provide:

  • Much longer run times.
  • Allowing much more air to pass over the cold condenser coils.
  • Providing better dehumidification and increased comfort.


Reason #2: They’ll save you money. Today's heat pumps are incredibly efficient and usually operate 2-3 times more efficiently than even a high-efficiency gas furnace. Significant cost savings can be realized by transferring heat from one place to another instead of creating it with a flame or through electric resistance. Heat pumps use much lower temperatures to achieve the same outcome as a furnace, resulting in significantly lower energy usage. Most new heat pumps are equipped with electrically commutated motors, substantially reducing electrical usage. With the current government grants and rebates available, it is often cheaper to install a heat pump than to replace an aging furnace.

Reason #3: They are an environmentally friendly choice. By switching to a heat pump, you are reducing the single most significant source of operational carbon associated with your home. Electrifying your space conditioning equipment allows you to take advantage of Canada’s clean power grid and help lead the way in reducing our national greenhouse gas emission footprint. Heat pumps use significantly less energy than any other options on the market, making them the most efficient technology currently available for space heating and cooling. Climate change has transformed the world we live in, and switching to a heat pump might be the single biggest impact we can have on our environmental footprints.


Heat pump technology is rapidly evolving and becoming a reliable option for heating and cooling in an increasing number of climate zones yearly. It is recommended to work with a reputable, experienced contractor to ensure proper installation and regular maintenance for years to come. If you are looking for optimized performance or want to make your home a little greener, heat pumps have countless benefits. A friendly, knowledgeable Energy Werx BC Energy Advisor can help you walk through the pros and cons of each system and how they relate to your home, as well as enable you to take full advantage of any applicable rebates currently being offered.


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