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Upgrade Your Existing Heating System With The Help Of Energy Werx BC

Jan 11

Heat Pump Rebates With The Help Of Energy Werx BC

Access up to $11,000 in heat pump rebates.

We see homeowners switching from a high-efficiency gas furnace to a heat pump for the main reason of how it cuts down the cost of the electricity bill. Rather than creating heat with a flame, using gas, or through electric resistance, heat pumps operate usually two to three times more efficiently than a furnace today, making electricity bills significantly lower. With Energy Werx BC, our professionals will help perform a pre-retrofit evaluation to see if your home is eligible for a new or replacement of a heat pump up to $11,000. 

An electrically-driven device, a heat pump extracts heat from a low-temperature place and delivers it to an area with a higher temperature. In a moderate climate, relying on a heat pump to heat or cool your home is effective. In colder climates, a “cold climate” heat pump” is more effective as the need for supplemental heat sources is reduced.

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Many homeowners have been concerned with the fact that they heard that heat pumps are really expensive, but there are a lot of ways to help you cover the cost. In fact, it is often cheaper to have a heat pump installed than to replace your current furnace that has been aging. Current government rebates and grants programs can be laid out for you by an Energy Werx Energy advisor, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The advisor can detail the grants that are locally specific to you and ensure that you apply for the maximum funding available when you decide to update the mechanical systems in your home.

You Qualify If You

  • Own a detached, semi-detached, row house, or mobile home
  • You home is your primary residence
  • An energy assessment is done both before and after your renovations
  • Complete at least one eligible energy up-grade renovation
  • Have a pre-retrofit evaluation after Dec 1st, 2020

Heat pump systems are divided into two types: “thermo-siphon” and “ground-source heat pump”. The thermo-siphon system uses a cycle of liquid refrigerant that is drawn from the lower temperature environment (the outside air) and pushed into the upper environment, where it can absorb heat from the warmer area. The ground-source heat pump system uses a loop of refrigerant flowing through coils under the ground to transfer heat from. 

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