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What Are Some Common Causes of Emergency Heating Repairs?

Jan 6

heating repairs Fairfield, CAImagine that you have just arrived home from work and discovered that your heating unit has given up on you. It is freezing outside, and all you want to do is to get inside your home and have a warm bath. Here are some common causes of emergency heating repairs Fairfield, CA that you need to take note of to prevent the accumulation of a huge heating bill.

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat regulates indoor temperature by communicating with your unit when heat needs to be activated or turned off. If something goes wrong with your thermostat—for example, if it breaks down due to old age—it won't send the correct signal to your heater, which could result in either no heat coming through or too much heat coming through. 

It creates an uncomfortable environment for everyone living or working on your premises, requiring an emergency heating repair Fairfield, CA call from a qualified technician.  

Defective Wiring

If your heater's wiring is at fault, you can expect problems that range from sporadic heat setup to non-existent. This is another reason to call for a heating repair Fairfield, CA emergency, as it can be dangerous and uncomfortable to live in. 

In addition to being extremely unpleasant, your utility bill will go up, and damage to your system can be caused by bad wiring. You should always have a professional check the wiring and adjust it when necessary to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Damaged Blower Motor

While a broken thermostat and defective wiring are common causes of heating system failure, the motor is most likely the component that gives in first. If the blower motor has been damaged due to a lack of maintenance, your unit will probably break down more often, costing you money and keeping you cold. Your machine will work harder to provide the heat it is supposed to and can get pretty hot, leading to an emergency repair.

Frozen Pipes

If you happen to live in an area or building where pipes are close to the surface, there is a chance that they could freeze during winter. While the pipes are frozen, no water can flow through them, and heat won't be generated. 

This leads to emergency repairs. If you notice your pipes are freezing, you should call a heating repair Fairfield, CA company and have them thaw it out before it causes trouble.

Excessive Water Use

Even if your heating unit is still in working order, you may notice an increase in your water bill due to excessive usage. Sometimes people don't realize that they are running their water at an excessive rate, resulting in a bill that is higher than it should be. An emergency heating repair Fairfield, CA might be possible if your water meter is an older model and can't handle the higher demand. 

Leaks in the System

Leaks in the heating unit can be difficult to spot since they are out of sight, but they exist and will gradually drain water from your tank. The small drip of water may not seem like a big deal at first, but over time, the amount of water lost through the leak will accumulate and cause problems. 

If you notice that your tank is half empty when it should be full, you probably have a leak in the system. It is best to call a repair service as soon as possible to prevent major water damage due to constant leaks.

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