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What are the Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair?

Oct 19

heating system repair near me Bullard, TXColder days are fast approaching, which means Texas residents will soon be turning on their furnaces for warmth. But before you crank up the heat, it’s important to ensure your unit is in good working condition.

Here are some tell-tale signs you may need to call heating system repair near me Bullard, TX:


Unusual Smells

There are a few strange smells that can signal furnace trouble. A burning smell might indicate an electrical problem, while a musty odor could mean mold or bacteria growth within the unit. Rather than trying to mask the smell with an air freshener, it is best to have an HVAC technician for furnace repair.

Loud, Persistent Noises 

A noisy furnace is more than just an annoyance – it can signify a serious issue. Are you starting to hear your furnace banging, screeching, or rattling? These sounds could indicate a loose part or a problem with the blower motor. It is important to have a heating system repair near me Bullard, TX before the situation worsens as it can lead to even higher repair costs or the need for furnace replacement.

Inconsistent Temperatures 

Is your home feeling colder in some rooms than others? Are the temperatures not matching up to what is set on your thermostat? The problem could be with the distribution system, and it is time to call a repair service. You should also check and replace your air filters, as clogged or dirty filters can result in uneven heating.

Discolored Pilot Light

The pilot light, which ignites the gas in your furnace, should be blue. Any other color – such as yellow or orange – is a warning sign of a gas leak. Be sure to immediately turn off the gas supply and call for heating system repair near me Bullard, TX.

Frequent Cycles

Is your furnace turning on and off more frequently than usual? It usually indicates that the unit is not running efficiently, possibly due to a clogged air filter or dirty coils. The limit switch, which helps regulate the furnace’s temperature, may also need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, frequent cycling can also point to a larger issue, such as a faulty thermostat or motor. If left unchecked, you may be facing higher energy bills and the need for early furnace replacement.

Soot Buildup Around the Furnace

Soot buildup is not just an eyesore – it can be a safety concern. This black residue, also known as carbon monoxide, can signal a crack in the heat exchanger. Approximately 500 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year, so it is crucial to address this issue immediately with the help of a professional for heating system repair near me Bullard, TX. 

Poor Air Quality

Are you or your family members experiencing frequent coughing, sneezing, or throat irritation? Poor indoor air quality is the cause of many respiratory issues, and a malfunctioning furnace can be to blame. The air filters may need to be cleaned or replaced, or there may be a ductwork issue. It is best to have a heating system repair  Bullard, TX come to take a look and ensure your family’s health and comfort.

A Chilly Home Is No Way to Spend the Winter - Schedule Your Furnace Repair Now!

Some simple furnace repairs you can do yourself, such as changing the air filter. But for any above mentioned issues or other concerns, it is always best to trust the professionals for heating system repair near me Bullard, TX. Maddox Residential and Commercial Services offers top-notch furnace repair and maintenance to keep your property comfortable all winter long.

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