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Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause Your A/C System Not to Cool?

Aug 25

You will do everything you can for your air conditioner to be ready for the long scorching season. But no matter how you take good care of your unit, it might not perform as well as planned when the weather starts to rise. And you can't help but wonder why this is happening.

While there are many reasons that are causing the decline of your air conditioning efficiency, a dirty filter can be the culprit. The good news is that a problem like this only requires a simple fix. 

But even if it's possible to make this a DIY job, it is always best to have an HVAC company with top-quality A/C maintenance Ringgold, GA under their belts do the project for you as they have everything you need, from the experience and advanced tools to competitive pricing.

Reasons Why a Dirty Filter Causes Your Air Conditioner Not to Do its Job Properly

When your filter is filled with dirt, dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, it will have a hard time drawing air. As a result, your unit has to work harder than usual to move air through the return vents. This makes the system operate less efficiently and causes it to break down more often.

That's not all! A filter that is filled with impurities also prevents your A/C from dehumidifying the air properly. Since the air can't flow freely, the evaporator coils will get too cold and cause water to condense on them. This will lead to a decrease in cooling capacity and make your home feel damp and humid.

What Are the Other Problems that a Dirty Filter Can Cause?

Aside from the weak airflow coming from the vent, frequent unit breakdown, frozen evaporator coil, and decline in cooling efficiency, there are other consequences when not cleaning or replacing your filter regularly. Here are some of them:

Unreasonably High Electric Costs

With too much dirt buildup in the filter, there's not enough space for air to pass through. As a result, your A/C has to work double time, which will increase your energy consumption. This will then lead to an unreasonable rise in your electric costs.

Poor Air Quality

What's your main goal in having an air conditioner? Aside from the obvious which is to keep your home cool, it is also to improve the quality of air inside. However, if you don't regularly schedule A/C maintenance Ringgold, GA from a professional, all the impurities will be released back into your living space. This increases the risk of you and your family members developing respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.

Decreased Comfort

Some homeowners do not think about their dirty filters until their cooling systems stop working in the middle of the long hot days, which can be quite inconvenient and costly to repair. 

But why wait for this to happen? By regularly checking and cleaning your filter, you can avoid all these hassles and ensure that your family enjoys the comfort of a cool home all season long.

Say Bye to Your Dirty Filter and Schedule an A/C Maintenance Service Today!

Is your indoor air quality getting worse each day? Do you and your family members often experience respiratory problems? These could be caused by a dirty filter. So, what are you waiting for? Call an HVAC company that offers premium-quality A/C maintenance Ringgold, GA today, and Ryan Heating & Air has you covered! Not only will they clean your filter thoroughly, but they will also help you find the perfect replacement that will suit your cooling needs and budget. Schedule an appointment now for more information!