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Why You Should Make Sure Your AC Is Installed Properly

Jul 27

Are you thinking of installing a brand new air conditioner yourself? Before you start your DIY project, read on why it's crucial to ensure the unit is installed properly - something that can be challenging to accomplish without proper training, tools, and experience. 


And even if you hire an HVAC contractor to handle your AC installation Yukon, OK, it's crucial to know the signs of subpar work. So you don't end up with a cooling system that's:

1. Inefficient

When it comes to air conditioners, it's not all about the upfront cost. You also have to consider the long-term operating expense of running the unit. And an inefficiently installed system will cost you more money in the long run because it won't operate as intended. It will use more energy, which means higher utility bills.


An air conditioner won't be efficient if it's not properly sized for the space it needs to cool. A licensed and trusted HVAC contractor can help with this by doing a load calculation of your home (a process that considers factors like square footage, window size, and insulation). Once they know the cooling load, they can recommend the best unit for your space.


By hiring a licensed and experienced technician, you can also be sure that every step of the AC installation process in Yukon, OK is carried out meticulously so no efficiency problem will arise in the near future.

2. Prone to breakdowns 

When the air conditioning system's components weren't put together correctly in the first place, the unit is more likely to require repair soon. The repairs might also be more extensive (and expensive) than if you or your technician had installed the system properly from the start. In some cases, you might end up needing a premature AC replacement.


3. Unsafe to operate.

Not only can an inefficient or faulty air conditioner cost you money, but it can also pose a safety hazard. If the unit isn't installed properly, there's a risk of electrical shock or fire. 

4. Contributes to poor indoor air quality.

Another issue that can arise from an improper AC installation in Yukon, OK is poor indoor air quality. If the AC unit isn't sealed correctly, outside air can leak in and bring dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants.


These pollutants can cause health problems like allergies, headaches, and respiratory infections. They can also make existing conditions like asthma or COPD worse.

5. Limited warranty coverage 

When you buy a new air conditioner, it likely comes with a warranty covering repair or replacement costs if something goes wrong. But in many cases, the warranty won't be valid if the unit isn't installed properly.


So, if you decide to handle AC installation Yukon, OK yourself (or hire someone who's not licensed and insured), you could risk voiding the warranty.


Ensuring your air conditioner is installed properly is crucial to its efficiency, safety, and longevity. And while it may be tempting to try a DIY installation or cut corners by hiring an unlicensed contractor, it's simply not worth the risk. Make sure you find a reputable and qualified HVAC contractor to handle the job from start to finish.


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