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Should You DIY Furnace Installation?

May 4

If you're the type of homeowner who finds DIY home projects fun and challenging, you'd probably catch yourself on Google typing the question: Can I install a furnace myself? Well, the short answer is YES you can. But should you? 

Consider the issues and solutions discussed below about furnace installation Timberwood Park, TX, then decide whether DIY is right for you depending on your skill level and whether the possible risks are worth saving the labor costs for professional installers like My Favorite Service Company.

Furnace Size Considerations

It was common practice for contractors to install furnaces too large for the home.  This is to make sure that it would produce enough heat to keep homeowners comfortable even during the coldest winter weather.

To maximize furnace efficiency and comfort, it's essential to get the size right. If the furnace is too big, it will waste energy and cause temperature fluctuations because the temperature will rise beyond the thermostat's setpoint. If a furnace is too small, there will be insufficient heating and premature mechanical failure.

What You Can Do:

Conduct a Manual J load calculation to determine the appropriate furnace capacity. Choose among the three options. First, you may use a free online load calculator. Second, you may purchase software, starting at about $50. Third, you may hire an HVAC technician such as My Favorite Service Company to do the test. Prices range anywhere from $100 to $225 for a Manual J test. For the most accurate results, choose the latter.

New Furnace Warranty

Furnaces purchased online and/or installed by the consumer will be void of warranty for most manufacturers. Warranty conditions typically state, "Product installation must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician."

It is easy to understand why the warranty should be voided. If homeowners perform the furnace installation Timberwood Park, TX, these furnaces will fail more frequently and may not reach the furnace life expectancy they're intended for. Likewise, purchasing a furnace online eliminates the need for the brand's local dealer to install it.

What You Can Do:

Pay a licensed installer to examine and correct any problems after you perform furnace installation Timberwood Park, TX. The inspection will cost $50-$150 if there are no problems. If issues need to be addressed, the bill might be as high as $2,000 or more. Another possible issue is that only a handful of installers would be open for this arrangement. 

Limited Availability of Brands

Most manufacturers do not sell their products to wholesalers due to the reasons mentioned above but there are still a couple of more brands (usually entry-level and economy brands) that sell directly to the public. 

What You Can Do:

If you do not mind using one of those brands, check them out on most online and local distributors that sell to the public.

Ductwork Changes

Modern furnaces are more compact than their previous counterparts.  This is true even when they have the same heating capacity as their predecessors.

Thus, you will need to change the sheet metal plenums that connect the furnace to both the warm air supply and the cold air return.

What You Can Do:

Purchase supply air and return air plenums at your local home improvement store or online. Prices for warm air plenums start at about $50. Cold air return plenums are generally larger and cost about $125.

It is best to use a local sheet metal shop. They can assist you with the measurements. It will cost a bit more, but it is the best way to ensure that the plenums fit tightly.

Dangers in Furnace Installation

Short-circuits, fires, leaks, explosions, and carbon monoxide are possible dangers from improper furnace installation.

What You Can Do:

Your furnace comes with an installation guide, which you should carefully and thoroughly read and follow. Check out installation tutorials online or find a friend with experience that can double-check safety issues. If that doesn't work, then do what most homeowners do: hire a professional.

Hire A Professional for Safe and Proper Furnace Installation!

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