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Jan 12


One of the most common questions our customers have is about when to clean their ducts. Because of this demand, today's article is going to address the question in greater detail. Furthermore, we will offer relevant information about air-duct cleaning so you can make an informed decision.

When is the best moment to clean your air ducts?

To be completely truthful, there is no optimal time for duct cleaning, regardless of what you might have read on the internet. Some people hire a professional to do the job every year while others only use it occasionally. One thing is certain, if your HVAC system isn’t being maintained properly or the air ducts aren’t clean enough, it will be much less efficient. Our duct cleaners are most popular in the spring, fall, winter, or summer. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each season for air-duct cleaning.

Spring & Fall

The spring and fall are better times to have your service. You'll be prepared for the heat of summer or winter. We can also deliver the service much faster and more comfortably because your HVAC system will not be as busy.

Why is spring the best month for air-duct cleaning?

While you can clean air ducts at any time, cleaning them in the spring is the best. These ducts and vents can be cleaned during the spring season. This has many advantages for homeowners. First of all, the spring season has mild temperatures and your HVAC system in your house is generally turned off. These can be cleaned professionally without affecting your daily activities. You'll enjoy cleaner air in summer without having to worry about it. It will also get rid of all the winter dirt. In winter, rodents or bugs might find their way into your heating system's air ducts. An extensive cleaning can remove all types of pests and unpleasant creatures from the ducts.

Summer & Snow

You can do the service at any time of the year, whether it is summer or winter. This means you can keep your indoors more comfortable in winter and cool during the summer heat. Our duct cleaning technicians are available to assist you by calling 888-758-1835. You can also visit our Duct Cleaning page for more information.


There are remarkable benefits to using clean air ducts

A professional duct cleaning service can ensure that your indoor living space and work environment are clean and healthy. Here are some advantages of cleaning your air ducts.

  • dust accumulation removal;
  • Reduce allergy triggers
  • pet dander/shedding removal;
  • Prevention of mold growth
  • HVAC efficiency improvement;
  • Eliminating unpleasant odors.


Our recommendations

If you aren't ready yet to have professional air duct cleaning done, we recommend doing it quickly, before you begin to notice signs.

Warning Signs that Dirty Ducts Are Coming

According to the EPA, there are some warning signs you should watch for.

  • Signs that mold has built up in your home or in your system.
  • You will start to notice rodent and vermin-related problems.
  • There may be signs that insects are entering your system through the ductwork or pipes.
  • A visible cloud of particles and dust can be seen blowing from your vents once you turn on your heating/AC.

This is not the only sign you should be watching for. You also need to watch for the darkening of the vents or excess dust around the air filter. Although your system can initially clean itself, eventually, it will not be able to handle the extra work.

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